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Intelligent Testimonials


Testimonial from malay parents
My first child is 8 years old and the second child is 7 years old. I can see that they are more interested in learning and focus more on their studies. The lesson is organized and systematic. I feel that Intelligent is a course that stimulates and trains the left and right brain. It also sharpens the minds of my children to be more focused and creative. So far I can see that they have a sharper mind and they can make their own decisions and I'm very pleased they are learning there. It is also very helpful in their school subjects, especially mathematics, they become more independent with their homework. I think Intelligent program is a good program and it can’t be found in other tuition centres because it can stimulate and train the brain of my children. I also see that my children are very interested in learning because the teachers teach them in an enjoyable way and concern them. Besides, the principal, Mr Sam, is very friendly to me and my kids so I also respect him. Intelligent is very excellent. More information please visit ➙


Testimonial from chinese parents
My son started Intelligent lessons when he was 4 years old. It enhances his memory, imagination and creativity after learning Intelligent course. I think if there is a good learning environment for him, we should let him have a try. In school, his ability to explain and speak has been improved as well and I can see his improvement. Teachers are very responsible, so we feel a great sense of relief. After learning Abacus and Mental–Arithmetic, my kid’s memory has improved a lot. For example, he can clearly describe a day’s events. Intelligent not only teaches abacus and Mental–Arithmetic but also boosts my kid’s memory power and observation skill so it is indeed a place worth trying. As I mentioned just now, Intelligent course is not teaching four basic mathematical operations only, it also improves my kid’s memory power and observation.That’s why I feel that they are full of responsibility in education. More information please visit ➙


Testimonial from indian parents
I have two kids studying in Intelligent Programme. Both of them have been studying Intelligent course since they were 5 years old. It’s a good course for IQ, they can move faster in calculating and problem solving. They can concentrate on their every subject in school. Their teachers are good because the way they teach is very creative so my kids can understand easily. My children are interested in Intelligent Programme because they have got creative thinking and abacus system. Abacus system is that they can do fast calculation in class and they achieve higher score in Mathematic in school. For creative thinking, they can create and make a story for the questions and finish faster. More information please visit ➙


Best performance awards

Success depends on the teamwork and concerted efforts from a group of professionals. Intelligent Education Group has numerous top instructors who come from different backgrounds all over the world. They have worked in many other fields before and have a lot of teaching experience. Besides, they share a passion for teaching the values and skills to students and help them achieve their best in a rapidly–changing environment. With the right attitude, anything is possible at Intelligent Education Group. So far, our group is growing at a robust pace.Join Intelligent family for a remarkable career journey ! congratulation to all our Intelligent best performance centers and best instructors. More information please visit ➙


Overall champion award

We have tried our best in the Intelligent International Competition 2014. We hope that our students will be more diligent than before. Besides, we would like to show our gratitude to our instructors who have put a lot of efforts in giving extra practice to our students for six months. We do not aim for the prizes in the intensive training process. The purpose of it is to enhance students’ visual perception and learning ability to the best results. Thank you very much. More information please visit ➙


We are from Egypt. This is our third participation in the Intelligent International Competition. We are very proud of our students’ achievement. We receive nine trophies today and we are very happy that this is quite an achievement. We would like to thank all the people who have helped our students. They are excited. They think that winning the prizes will change their part of life. We are proud of our team, students and country. Intelligent is the best. More information please visit ➙


We are from Palestine. We are very happy because one of our students got the champion in the Intelligent International Competition 2014. Intelligent, Intelligent, I love you. More information please visit ➙


We are from Sri Lanka. We are very proud that our children make a success in this event. We have competed with many participants in many countries. This is our first time to receive so many awards. We would like to thank our teachers and all the people who have supported us. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have come to this occasion all the way from Sri Lanka. We would like to extend our sincere thank to the organizer of the successful Intelligent International Competition, especially Mr. Sam. More information please visit ➙


It is an honour to us for attending the Intelligent International Competition 2014. It is privileged, well–organized, wellprepared and wellattended. We represent the Gulf Council countries ➙ GCC ➙ Kuwait ➙ Qatar ➙ Bahrain ➙ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ➙ United Arab Emirates ➙ Jordan ➙ Oman ➙ Sudan and Africa Continent. We are excited and we feel Intelligent is improving. There is hard work in organizing the wellorganized competition. Children are our concern because they are future of a nation. We are preparing for tomorrow. More information please visit ➙


Competition group F top 3 winner

We are very happy that our children’s effort has been proven in the Intelligent International Competition 2014. The Intelligent programme helps to build their quick thinking ability. Besides, we appreciate their teachers’ dedication all the way. Intelligent is the best. More information please visit ➙


Competition group E top 3 winners

We realize that our children have better thinking ability and it acceralates their learning process. For instance, they are able to memorise the English or Malay words speedily. After the training of Intelligent programme for a few years, our children will have fast response in answering questions of Mathematics or other subjects. We would also like to thank their teachers’ endeavor in the teaching of Intelligent programme. More information please visit ➙


Competition group D top 3 winners

This is the second participation of Intelligent International Competition for our children. They have learned Intelligent programme for about two and a half year. We would like to thank their teachers for giving encouragement and continuous practice before the competition. With Intelligent programme, our children’s memory power has been improved and they could master their spelling learning and mathematics quickly. More information please visit ➙


Competition group C top 3 winners

We are quite surprised that our children have won the trophies even though they have only learned Intelligent programme in a short period. Their teacher encouraged us to go to the competition because they could do the questions in a fast speed. Therefore, we would like to make it a try. My student has high degree of adaptability and attitude in learning Intelligent programme. Her brother has also received a trophy. Therefore, we encourage more parents to give such opportunity to explore their children to our competition. More information please visit ➙


Competition group B top 3 winners

We notice that our children love Intelligent programme very much because they enjoy themselves in the class. Thanks to their teachers, our children would have improvement in their study. More information please visit ➙


Competition group A top 3 winners

Our children have learned Intelligent programme for about one year. Their concentration ability has been improved and we found that they would be more patient than before when doing any task. More information please visit ➙


We would like to express our gratitude to our children's instructors because they have motivated them to have highest achievement in the competition. The instructors kept giving practices for them and more questions had been done during the competition. We have found that the progressive Intelligent programme helps their memory power because they can memorize many things easily. Most of the time, their calculation answers are out quickly while we are still calculating the answers. We love Intelligent.


We come from ➙ Egypt.This is our second time to the competition held by the Intelligent Education Group. We are proud of our students because they have done their amazing job in winning the three trophies without expected. They did awesome job in reviewing and spending time on practicing.They focus very much during the practices of the Intelligent Programme.Therefore,they deserve for what they have done.In short,this is the best day in our life. East ➙ West ➙ Intelligent is the best.


We are from Johor Bahru. Our six–year–old son has won the third prize in the competition. He is very excited. There is improvement in my son's Mathematics. He is more confident because he can count in fast speed. We would also like to thank his teacher, Ms. Candy, for putting effort on training him to try his best in the competition.


Our children are very happy because they have been awarded as the top 3 winners in the Intelligent International Mental–Arithmetic Competition 2012. After learning Intelligent, our children's Mathematics has improved a lot. They can calculate very fast. Besides, the programme enlightens the utilization of their right brains, especially the Creative Thinking Training which receives positive learning response among them.


We are happy to participate in the Intelligent International Competition 2012. All participated students are very excited. We think the competition is well–organized by the management of Intelligent Education Group. The preparation work has been done half year before the competition. Thanks for all of their effort.In addition, we also appreciate the research and development department for developing this programme along these years because it really helps our new generation.


We are from Turkey. This is our first time to participate in this competition. We are proud of being a part of this big family. This magnificent competition has been successfully held. The management and the instructors are also great. There is no loser in the competition. All of them are the winners.Thank you very much.


Carolyn has improved tremendously, she's more careful in the Maths and the teacher in Collin's school has commented that Collin is very quick with Maths. Collin and Carolyn have been attending Intelligent Mental–Arithmetic classes for about a year. And I can see a lot of improvement with the Maths in school. I would like to encourage parents to enroll the children in Intelligent Mental–Arithmetic classes, because the principal and the staffs there are all very friendly and they are all very professional. And I'm sure your children will be benefits like my children too. More information please visit ➙


Our son, Syamir Akmal, has been learning Mental–Arithmetic for two years. A lot of improvement has been shown during these two years. His study has improved as well. Besides, his power of concentration and mathematical ability are very good. Actually, he is in Primary One now but he has a good mastery in calculation of multiplication. Until this mid–year term, he did improve a lot. Intelligent course is definitely not only good for his study but also his future. We rejoice at taking this Intelligent class and we will enroll my second son too because there are many advantages. More information please visit ➙


Our eldest son, Kelvin and second son, Keith has been learning Intelligent for more than one year. At the beginning, they faced many problems. It is because they were still in K1. After the patiently teaching by teachers, they started to have interest in Intelligent. I realized that their power of memory and attention has become stronger. Kevin is in Primary school now. He always scores 100% in his Maths. It shows Intelligent helps him a lot. They score quite high marks in their school examination. I'm satisfied with the learning environment in Intelligent too. I will also give my youngest son to learn this course. More information please visit ➙


This is the first time I join this competition. I am surprised that it is a big event, seems like a big family. I am proud of saying that it is my honour as one of the members of Intelligent Education Group. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful programme because the Intelligent trainers not only give us the theoretical parts but also share practical parts about how it works in the real world. Frankly said, it has enriched my knowledge and experience towards becoming a qualified educator. Thank you Intelligent and we love Intelligent.


I Joined the Mental–Arithmetic course since I was 5 years old. At first, I found it was quite tough. However, after a few months, i enjoyed the course very much. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Finally I successfully completed this course. After learning the Mental–Arithmetic, I find that my mathematic skills improve a lot. Mental–Arithmetic is very useful especially for checking answers. I have even won many prizes in mathematic competitions in the school. Besides, my thinking skill also improves a lot. Thank You.


Our eldest daughter surprises us when she got the championship in the competition. We are excited and happy with it because we didn't expect that she could have such good achievement in her first competition after training classes for only a few months. It's unexpected that my youngest daughter is also one of the top 40 award winners. We are proud of our daughter. We hereby express our gratitude to Intelligent Education Group ans the teachers who have put a lot of effort in cultivating our daughters. Thank you very much. Thanks Intelligent.


On behalf of my son, I would like to take this opportunity to the principal, Ms.Yeoh Khar Moy and her instructor, Ms. Jasmine from Intelligent Mental–Arithmetic desa tebrau. Your knowledgeable, innovative teaching method, caring professionals bring out my son's calculation ability to achieve as a Champion in Intelligent Mental–Arithmetic International Competition 2010 group d held at persada johor on 26 Dec 2010 in a short period. Your truly dedication and patient given to my son achieve the great success.


I am grateful for giving me the opportunity to become a member in Intelligent Education Group. I am proud of being awarded the best performance centre and the best instructor in the Intelligent Mental–Arithmetic International Competition 2010. On behalf of all staff in bukit mutiara, I would like to thank the staff in headquarter for providing quality and wide platform to help us grow and gain improvement. Besides, we would also appreciate the recognition, trust and tolerance of the management and the dedication of trainers in headquarter. Thank you very much and wish you all the best.


First of all, I am glad to represent our centre to receive the both meaningful awards as one of the ten best performance centres and the four best performance instructors among all franchises in Intelligent Education Group. I appreciate Mr. Sam Tai who has given me an opportunity to become an Intelligent franchise. Guidance and advice given by Mr. Sam and Ms. Liau play a very important role toward the success milestone of my teaching centre. Nonetheless, hiccups and shortfall do occur along this memorable path. May all our parents continue obtaining benefits from Intelligent programme.


Feeling anxious, excited and happy while practicing diligently, it aimed to seek the breakthrough in the biennial competition. Even though innumerable defeats were faced during the period of training, the children did not give up but striving for it. The undaunted and persistent spirits have won the admiration of instructors. When the competition was around the corner, the children practiced the exercises energetically for the only 8 minutes in the competition. We also hope to stand out in the next competition again.